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There hasn’t been too much coverage of Galaxy S5 cases on this particular site, but there is currently a huge listing of them over at Galaxy S5, which appears to be updated at least once per day.

The site currently has almost 50-60 reviews of cases, as well as the best prices they can find.  They currently have several listings for rugged cases, battery cases, bumper cases, gel cases, hard cases, wallet cases, and more, as well as some good reviews and other Galaxy S5 case news.

Check them out!

Galaxy S5 S Charging Cover

As you may or may not know, the Galaxy S5 does not support Qi Wireless Charging out of the box.  However, Samsung has made it very easy to add the capability via their S Charger Cover.  

The S Charger Cover is essentially a replacement for the stock battery door that comes equipped with your Galaxy S5 fresh out of the box.  It looks identical from the outside, and is also available in Black or White so you can match the color of your device.  On the inside, however, it’s a far different story.

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Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM Glass Screen Protector

Spigen is one of the best companies when it comes to cases and glass screen protectors, and their Galaxy S5 glass screen protectors are no exception.  The GLAS.tR SLIM is a series of protectors that are extremely thin, measuring in at 0.4mm of thickness and with rounded edges to prevent chipping.  These are currently available to order and should begin shipping out on March 20th, 2014.

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Official Galaxy S5 Accessories Unveiled

The folks over at have gotten some one-on-one time with the official lineup of Galaxy S5 accessories, straight from Samsung.  Among them is a wireless charger, called the S Charger Pad, and a new pair of very premium-looking headphones.

It’s important to note that wireless charging will not be supported by the Galaxy S5 natively, and a separate case or accessory must be procured to utilize the S Charger Pad.

Here are some of the pictures taken from the crew.

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Galaxy S5 Revealed

Samsung has announced its Galaxy S5, and most of the expectations have been met.  The device looks largely unchanged from last year’s Galaxy S4, but there’s now a rubberized, textured back and a fingerprint scanner you swipe your finger down to get a reading for.

Here’s some of the media coverage of the new S5 so far:

We’re sure that the Galaxy S5 accessories and cases will start flowing in now that we know what the new device will look like, so keep checking back because we’re about to kick things off right!

Unpacked 5 Icons Found on Galaxy Note Pro 12

Now things are really heating up.  The latest leaks come to us courtesy of French site NowhereElse, and sheds some light on the icons we discussed yesterday.  This is a screenshot of the new icons as they appear on Samsung’s new Galaxy Note Pro 12″ tablet, and it’s not crazy to think a lot of these designs will carry over to the Galaxy S5.

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Spigen Announces Six New Galaxy S5 Cases

Spigen is one of the premiere case manufacturers out in the market today, and they make some of the most stylish cases for the most popular devices.  It’s no surprise to hear that the South Korean company will be one of the first companies to launch cases for the Galaxy S5, which will probably be announced later this month.

The company has just unveiled its plans to launch six new cases for the upcoming Galaxy S5, and they expect to begin shipping them out starting on April 15th, 2014.  To put things into perspective, Spigen has launched cases for other devices before the device actually released, but it does give us a general estimate of when we can expect Samsung’s new flagship to launch.

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